Home Star Energy Program

Home Star Energy Program – A drive to abolish unemployment

The Home Star Energy Retrofit Act or the Home Star Energy Program was passed by the US laws makers on May 6th, 2010 with a vote of 246 to 161 with major support from the Democrats.

During the recent economic meltdown, many industries were hit hard and many lost their jobs. The industry which was affected the most was the construction industry where thousand of construction professionals across the United States have been shown the exit door. The rate of employment during the period rose to a maximum of 17% with more and more people losing jobs. The Home Star Energy Program brought hopes among the unemployed in the construction industry.

The government promised to provide rebates to all home owners in America who take up the measurements and improvement efforts to make their homes energy efficient by making improvements in cooling and heating systems, changing doors, windows, insulations etc. Depending on the improvement, the rebates can go up to eight thousand dollars if the house reduces its energy consumption by 20% and improve in energy efficiency.

If installations are to be done, there will be requirement of construction professionals who can do the job. The more number of home owners who come forward, the more jobs are creates. It is estimated that the Home Star Energy Program will generate more than 168,000 jobs in the retail, construction and manufacturing sectors. If the program is in full swing, more than five hundred thousand jobs will be generated.